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      Linuo Solar Power Engineering Co., Ltd


      Linuo Solar Power Engineering Co., Ltd was founded on 22nd November 2002, with a registered capital of 420 million CNY. The company specializes in the investment, construction, operation, design, consultation, and engineering EPC work for solar PV plants, as well as in different applications of solar PV products. To date, the company has reached 1.5GW accumulatively installed (including work now in the process of being installed) capacity, ranking amongst the top ten contractors in the Chinese solar industry. It has gained accreditation for ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ISO9001 and GB/T50430 since 2012.


      With its new technology and innovation focus, Linuo Solar Power has been awarded as a Jinan Pioneer Enterprise in the Solar Power Industry under the National Torch Plan and was granted status of a  Shandong Solar PV Engineering Technology Centre. We possess a number of technical patents, such as for a solar PV glass wall and solar cell mounting brackets. Our application systems for Linuo Group’s solar PV products, such as a solar PV power generation system, solar street lamp, solar traffic system, portable power sources and home power systems have been well received in a dozen countries abroad.


      Linuo Power has also established models combining production, education and research with companies such as China National Grid, North China Design Institute of CLP Group, Chengdu Research Institute of Sinohydro Group, and Shandong Electric Power Research Institute. We have R&D cooperative relationships with higher education institutions such as Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Dalian University of Technology, Shandong University and overseas universities, such as the University of New South Wales in Australia, among others.


      Linuo Power is committed to technical innovation and system integration of its solar PV plants – our large solar PV plant systems can reach 82% of their designed efficiency.


      Aiming to ensure that solar energy can reach the homes and businesses of ordinary people, and upholding the principles of eco-friendliness, Linuo Solar Power plays an active role in desertification control and poverty relief projects. We have also developed projects which take into account the application of solar energy in agriculture, thereby optimizing and modernising agricultural development.


      Linuo Power has long specialized in the development and construction of solar PV plants, and formed professional teams for marketing, design, construction and operation. We have also built a global marketing and service network, with our teams and partners overseas to support home base in providing our experience to international, fast developing markets. This work has made Linuo Solar Power an industry leader with core competence.


      The company also is active in CSR, a key to building an enduring global brand. Linuo Solar Power plays an active role in charitable activities, such as fundraising for needy students, disaster and poverty-relief work. We are dedicated to building a better future for all humankind.



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