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      Linuo PV Group

      2016.12.10 Linuo

      Founded in 2002, Linuo PV Group was one of the first Chinese companies manufacturing and developing solar photo-voltaic products, quickly becoming a provincial high-tech enterprise and a leading PV producer with sales of solar cells and solar modules at home and abroad.

      Our solar cell production equipment is sourced from leading manufacturers. Our products can boast among the best power conversion rates in the global industry. Linuo Solar PV products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions, including Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Czech Republic, Romania, the US, Brazil, Chile, Australia, and South Africa.


      Our factory in Jinan covers an area of 270 hectares. The production capacity for crystalline silicon solar cells and modules is 1.2 GW. We were one of the first companies that conformed to the Governments Standard for Solar PV Manufacture.  Solar cells and modules produced by Linuo Solar PV have been accredited by 11 renowned international standards bodies, including TUV, UL, MCS,J-PEC,CEC,IEC,CE,PV Cycle, and CGC-Solar. In 2010 Linuo Solar PV was accredited by Quality System ISO9001, Environmental Management System ISO14001 and the Occupation Health Safety Management System.

      Linuo PV is
      a leading enterprise in the Innovative Export Base for New Energy – we seek to grow our exports by unceasing technological innovation.  Linuo PV has been selected as a Pioneer Enterprise and also a National High-tech Enterprise in Solar Energy Industry under the central governments National Torch Plan.  Linuo Group has undertaken nine national and provincial scientific research projects, eight municipal R&D projects, resulting in technological break-throughs. The poly-crystalline manufacturing technique developed by Linuo Solar PV received the Shandong Science and Technology Progress Award and Jinan Technical Invention Award, both regarded as prestigious awards in the solar energy sector.  

      The company puts a high priority on technological innovation and quality control
      , and has built up a team of R&D professionals for future PV development in our Shandong Engineering Technology Development Center. We cooperate with Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and leading foreign institutions like the University of New South Wales.  We have undertaken one solar cell project and one sub-project under the National 863 High-tech Development Plan. Now the company has more than 120 R&D professionals, which accounts for 9% of the total staff - 25 of them have a master degree or an advanced academic title. Our annual R&D investment is over 5% of annual sales revenue.

      To meet the challenges of the market and drive innovation, Linuo Solar PV has take some strategic steps.  Its development plan has introduced advanced equipment and technology, expanded its business in the emerging markets and certified its products internationally.


      Linuo Solar PV also prioritises R&D. It takes part in the 863 High-tech Development Plan; it operates the Shandong High-efficiency Solar Cells Key Laboratory in the Linuo Technology Park; it designs new products, including PERC cells, coloured solar cells, multi-grid solar cells and brick cells. In the last few years, the company has applied for over 250 patents, with the vast majority receiving licences. Every year our employees come up with hundreds of ways to improve production, product, sales and management.

      We continuously improve the quality of our products, which are now warranted for 25 years. We have a young, highly qualified and loyal workforce. Linuo PV has become the designated supplier for the top five power generation groups in China, and enjoys a solid international reputation. While emphasizing company profitability, Linuo Solar PV also attaches great importance to the well-being of the employees, assisting with accommodation, everyday needs and social services.

      As a crucial element of the Solar Energy Group in Linuo, Linuo PV can fully exploit its relationship with its sister companies, Linuo Paradigma and Linuo Power to provide first-class solutions and comprehensive service to the international market.



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