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      Linuo Ritter(Former Linuo Paradigma)


      Founded in 2001, Linuo Paradigma New Energy Co., Ltd. was then unique in China as the only Sino-German joint venture in the solar energy sector. After operating as a joint venture for over a decade, its equity was purchased in full by Linuo and it now operates as Linuo Paradigma, continuing to specialize in the comprehensive development and application of solar energy and related system solutions.  Linuo Paradigma produces solar water heating systems, thermal energy equipment, air source heat pumps, and other and integrated energy systems.  It can provide customers with a range of advanced year-round solar energy systems.


      Linuo Paradigma’s  strategy of brand differentiation is realised by manufacturing high-end, smart and high quality products, integrating state-of-the-art technology from overseas. Linuo Paradigma invented the first split water heater, integrating solar power and the building structure. The company was named a Housing Industrial Base by the Ministry of Construction. Linuo Paradigma developed 150℃ medium-temperature solar collectors and CPC medium-temperature industrial heating systems, which are listed in the National Energy Conservation Technology Promotion Directory – this product has ushered in the era of industrial heat applications for the Chinese solar thermal industry. Our Active Heat Transfer technology, which is the basis of our integrated solution of heating and hot water, resolves the issue of heating in areas where there is no central heating.

      Linuo Paradigma has overcome the challenges of the marketplace and rapidly changing technology to become a leading global brand in the smart heating industry. Linuo Paradigma is working to create the largest and most modern industrial base for distributed new energy solutions, thereby contributing to our planet’s need for a low-carbon lifestyle. 



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